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The History of Vasquez Collars

Miguel Vasquez has been designing and manufacturing quality leather products for over 30 years. As a qualified pedorthic and a designer of orthopaedic shoeware, Miguel has an exceptional talent for leatherwork and pattern design.

In 2001, Miguel was approached by a leading Australian dog trainer with a design that would revolutionise the canine training industry. The trainer had experienced a demand for collars, from consumers, who liked to utilise conditioning sounds when training and exercising. Traditional check/choker chains were available but people were becoming alarmed that these chains could cause damage to the dog’s larynx. Dog owners were searching for a collar that could still provide a conditioning sound without being harmful in any way.

The design that was presented provided the sound of the twist link chain but with no pressure applied. The secret was that the leather, or webbing, section of the collar was a firm fit around the dog’s neck. But when the twist link chain was pulled, the collar tightened to the correct size, and no further. No pressure, damage or discomfort to the dog would occur.

With a concept and a design, Miguel then created the prototype for the Vasquez Collar.

Dog trainers agreed that this was the collar that they had been searching for. The Vasquez Collar was born.

Today, the design has been broadened with products being released to accommodate all sizes of dogs, from the miniature to the great. There is even a specific, soft suede, design for puppies.

The range of available products includes collars, leads, seek back articles and other accessories. Only materials of the highest quality are used. This includes butt leather for all leather products, cowhide leather (suede) for puppy collars, kid skin for the “Tiny Tot” range of collars, webbing material (available in a wide selection of colours) for webbing collars, and cotton for leads.

In the true style of a master craftsman, all leather products are handmade. Clubs and training schools are able to personalise their collars and leads with club names and logos embossed either into or on the leather. Webbing products are also available in designer club colours and collars can be custom made for individual dogs.

Vasquez Collars are the exclusive suppliers of training and exercise collars to Bark Busters Australia and Bark Buster International. Many national and international training clubs use only the Vasquez Collar for agility, obedience, working dog and criminal/security training. Vasquez Collars were requested by the NSW Police Dog Training Unit to design and develop collars for use during the APEC Summit.

Whether you are an experienced trainer or a first-time dog owner, you will achieve results by using these quality products.