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How To Fit a Vasquez Collar

Step 1
Collect together a Vasquez collar, a measuring tape, and a Vasquez lead.

Step 2
Measure firmly around the dog’s neck with your measuring tape. Make note of the size.
Download a chart of recommended sizes for dog necks.

Step 3
Lay out the Vasquez collar alongside with the measuring tape (as shown below), making sure the rings touch.
Mark the size from the buckle to the eyelet of the collar.

Step 4
Use the triglide to adjust to the correct size.

Step 5
Place the twist link chain section of the collar over the dog’s neck and buckle up. Allow the collar to open up.

Step 6
Make sure the collar is on the right side of the dog to get a positive effect from the collar. Clip on the lead and enjoy your walk with your new Vasquez collar!